My name is Kelly Andrew and I grew up outside of a small town in southern Wisconsin. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t enjoy the foods that surrounded me. Deep fried catfish that my grandpa caught, my grandma’s cinnamon rolls and popcorn balls, egg-bunnies, chicken and dumplings, rhubarb cake and fresh asparagus are just a few of the flavors that made up my childhood. I couldn’t wait to be in 4-H in order to compete in foods review, where I not only got to plan and cook a meal, but create the ambiance to enhance it.

A little bit of world travel, going away to school in the city, moves and friends with different food backgrounds than mine broadened my palate, and I began to experiment with food and recipes. I found a peaceful place immersed in cookbooks, chopping vegetables and experimenting with growing herbs and vegetables in pots in my driveway.

Today I live in Milwaukee, a surprisingly diverse food mecca where I can review a new restaurant any time I like, find fresh, local ingredients at my neighborhood farmer’s market and enjoy supporting our local “foodie” culture. From dive bars with amazing burgers to the gourmet cuisine of restaurants like Sanford and Lake Park Bistro – I find joy in all kinds of food and experiences surrounding it.

This blog is dedicated to my favorite pastime, my avenue for relaxation, my comfort and my passion: food. I hope you enjoy my reviews, recipes and ramblings.