Oh how I love Sunday mornings, especially in the fall! Happy first day of fall everyone – I hope you’ll cook something comforting and delicious today. I wanted to share my breakfast – it was sort of a clean out the fridge endeavor, but I’m very pleased. Earlier this week I made a batch of Paleo salmon cakes from Practical Paleo which I ate as salads on top of arugula with walnuts. Today, I used the last of the cakes to make a variation of my favorite breakfast: eggs Benedict.


As a side note, I’d like to give my opinion on the Paleo fad. Many of you probably think this is just another diet, blah, blah, blah. I have found it to be very useful and not too difficult to cook within the parameters. In the last four or so weeks, I’ve lost five pounds without any other change than this. I can physically tell that my body is not happy when I eat foods that aren’t meant for me, like popcorn, bread and cream sauces. And yes, I’m still testing the limits and I suffer the consequences each time. What I’d like to get across is that for the first time in a long time, I feel in tune with my body’s needs, using food as a tool for health and productivity rather than something to fill a void. End side note.

Paleo Salmon Cakes
1 lg. can salmon (12 oz.), drained
2 eggs
3 green onions, chopped
2 garlic cloves, pressed
Salt and pepper to taste
2 tsp. gluten free mustard
2 tbsp. coconut flour
1 tbsp. coconut oil

Mix all ingredients except for flour and oil in a mixing bowl. Gradually add flour until it reaches a cake like consistency. Heat a pan over medium high heat and melt coconut oil. Make salmon cake patties with hands, place in hot pan and cook until browned on each side.

To make my yummy salmon cake Benedict, just place your cooked cakes on a plate, put a bit of arugula on top of each, place a poached egg on top of each and drizzle with balsamic. 18 year aged balsamic from Oro di Oliva makes all the difference, I can vouch for that.