Oh my, what a grand Labor Day weekend it was! Spent time outdoors with friends, got to be part of a beautiful wedding (congrats Greg & Anna!), gave a room in my home a facelift, and had a nice time cooking for the week today.

I’m not sure you all want or need to see another version of my crustless breakfast quiche, so I’ll just give it a quick comment – this week I added Canadian bacon and Mural of Flavor spice blend from Penzey’s. It’s another “Wow” breakfast that I can’t wait to eat all week!

But let’s get to the good stuff – this weeks lunchbox is colorful and delish! (And Paleo – I cheated this weekend and my body did not like me – back off the bread, corn chips and beer for a while).


Cabbage salad:
2 bags shredded red cabbage
1 bag broccoli slaw
1 mango, chopped
4 limes, juiced
4 tbsp. macadamia nut oil
2 tbsp. honey
Salt & pepper to taste
Macadamia nuts to garnish, chopped

Mix cabbage, broccoli and mango in a large bowl. Mix lime juice, oil, honey, salt and pepper in a small bowl. Pour over salad and toss to coat. Top with chopped nuts.

The rest of my Lunchbox was simple – mustard chicken thighs (baste thighs with a blend of coconut oil, mustard, salt and pepper, bake at 425 degrees for 45 minutes) and cauliflower-rice (shred a head of cauliflower using the food processor, sauté in 2 tbsp. butter, herbs de Provance, salt and pepper for about 5 minutes).

Looking forward to this healthy treat for the next few days – my poor abused body needs it!