It was a beautiful Saturday morning in Milwaukee, and after my walk, I decided I needed to go check out Tall Guy and a Grill (, my friends’ new storefront at 7227 W. North Ave. in Wauwatosa. I’ve known the owners, Dan and Amanda Nowak for years, and they’ve been very generous when it comes to supporting whatever fundraiser or special even that I’m working on.


I was one of Tall Guy’s first customers back in the day, when he was launching his catering business, and I’m so proud to see the new storefront come to life right in my neighborhood!

Currently, there is a limited take out menu which includes breakfast meatballs and BBQ meatball sliders. This is just a small cross section of the specialties available on the catering menu.


This was my first sample of the breakfast slider and I was wowed. This pork meatball provides a generous portion and is accented by a sweet potato biscuit and drizzled with maple syrup. Lets just say, for a girl who is a sucker for the salty/sweet combo, this was a perfect breakfast.


I’ve always been a fan of Tall Guy’s meatballs, and I must say, he’s evolved his recipes in creative, delicious ways over the years, even taking second place and winning the People’s Choice award at last years Milwaukee Historical Society Meatball Challenge. My Bourbon BBQ pork lunch meatball slider lived up to the hype. With a complex blend of flavors and moist but firm texture, placed on a pretzel roll and topped with coleslaw and bourbon sauce, I devoured this delicious sandwich.


I had a great take out experience, but there is more to Tall Guy and a Grill than the storefront. I’ve personally enjoyed the catering at a work picnic, and had a wonderful Brewers tailgate catered last year. One of the really creative things you can pick up at the store is the tailgate box:


This little beauty can get thrown in your trunk for quick prep in the Brewers parking lot. It includes a disposable grill and lighter, grilling utensils, garbage bags and even Ziplocks for your leftovers. I’m all about simplicity, so the idea of picking up my whole tailgate in one stop is very appealing.

I love seeing all of the new small businesses coming to my neighborhood, and I love supporting my friends and their entrepreneurial endeavors. I encourage you all to stop by the storefront if you’re on the neighborhood, or give Dan and Amanda a call the next time you are having a family picnic, wedding or work outing. Not only will you have a great food experience, but you’ll experience the easygoing, casual charm of Tall Guy and a Grill.