I’m behind again! Tuesday night I had a relaxing friend-therapy session and casual dinner with my Annie, after yoga of course! We had planned on the Vietnamese restaurant next door to our studio, but to our surprise, the doors have closed. So plan B became John’s Sandwich Shop https://www.facebook.com/pages/Johns-Sandwich-Shop/49172683980?rf=117484961603984, a little cafe at 8913 W. North Ave. in Tosa. At first glance, this place appears to be sort of a greasy spoon with a lunch counter and limited table seating. Let me tell you, the greasy spoon look is far from the truth of this cuisine!


On the menu, you’ll find breakfast all day which includes things like berry flax French toast and an asparagus pine nut scrambler, as well as sandwiches (sockeye salmon with blueberried balsamic glaze), burgers (caramelized onion and Brie), salads (sriracha crunch) and wraps. They even have Udi’s gluten free buns and bread for you gluten-free peeps! I chose the cashew chicken wrap, but had them make it “naked” – the peanut sauce is delish and I love me some broccoli slaw. I couldn’t resist a side of John’s garlic fries – these puppies are fresh, home made and have the perfect crunchy breading. Also, the ranch dressing served with the fries is special, and I’m ranch obsessed. I think there is a little cayenne, and maybe some paprika mixed in.

John’s is truly a hidden treasure in Wauwatosa. It’s food is much more sophisticated than you’d expect from the look of the place, and there are cute outdoor tables available this time of year. The food is fresh and well prepared, and its always a treat when I stop in.