Despite my best laid plans for this busy week, I still ended up out for lunch instead of sticking to my home made goodness. It’s hard for me to make good decisions when me use include things like burgers and BLTs and things with toasted bread and melted cheese. My co-worker Katy assured me that if we stopped at Cafe 1505 ( in Mequon there would be something appealing AND healthy on the menu.

She was right. We started with a delicious Sedona roasted corn tortilla soup, which was smooth and not very spicy at all, despite the poblano peppers.


My main course was the Wild Alaskan salmon Cobb salad – it was huge! I had them leave off the bacon, but couldn’t resist the Gorgonzola crumbles. Paired with a generous portion of salmon, quarter of an avocado and hard boiled egg, everything came together perfectly with the home made lemon Dijon dressing.

Although this wouldn’t be my top pick for atmosphere, the food was solid, and Katy was correct, I felt like I was able to choose well without sacrificing satisfaction.