Last week I discovered the Protein Box at Starbucks. It’s a simple little meal, comparable to fast food, but so much smarter when you need a quick breakfast or lunch. I decided that I could make my own boxes to save a little money. You can do this for a couple of dollars per box, and I made a few substitutions to make it gluten free and more appealing to my taste buds.


My boxes include:

1 hard boiled egg
1/2 gluten free bagel thin
1 oz. aged white cheddar cheese
1 tbsp. Better ‘n’ peanut butter
Handful of mixed fruit: pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries

I plan to grab these for breakfast during my upcoming busy week. A bit more protein in the morning should help my energy level, and with about 300 calories, it fits into my daily plan.