On Monday evening I was lucky enough to get onto the schedule of my Bayview gals, Tashia and Carrie for dinner at Pastiche (www.pastichebistro.com). I have had this restaurant on my list for well over a year now, and since I have a City Tin coupon (www.citytins.com) I decided now was the time! I’d never even been inside the restaurant before, and what I found did not disappoint. This lovely little corner bistro is warm on the inside with hardwood floors, a beautiful bar, and a very limited number of tables dressed in white. I would consider the decor “French country” with just the right amount of roosters and artwork adorning the walls.

We were seated at the four-top in the middle of the restaurant and decided to start with Monday’s special: Moules Mariners – $9 for 3/4 of a pound of steamed mussels.


I love mussels myself, and these were prepared just the way I like: the white wine sauce had the perfect amount of garlic and tang of lemon juice. The dish was served with a lovely crusty bread and there were plenty for the three of us to share.

The rest of the menu was a delight to browse – for me, the amount of appetizer, salad, entree and dessert options was well varied but not overwhelming and the daily specials, written on a chalkboard, were creative and unique. Our server told us that they had found the fish option at the market that day, confirming my suspicion that everything was fresh.

I chose to start with a bowl of the soup of the day: Curry Carrot and Ginger.



Quite honestly (spoiler alert!) this was the highlight of my meal. This creamy, spicy, salty masterpiece was everything I craved, served in an adorable crock with a heavy, significant spoon. The experience was divine, and I will be attempting to copy this recipe on my own in the fall.

Our entrees included the Raie Au Beurre Noisette (Carrie) which is skate wing, a fish, Scallops with Black Truffle Pasta Risotto and Ham (Tashia) which was actually served on elbow macaroni, but looked delectable, and Duck Breast with Chorizo and orange sauce (Me).



Speaking for myself, the meal was fabulous. I asked for a recommendation from our server, Phil, as I was debating between the duck and a dish with pork medallions wrapped in bacon. Phil mentioned that the duck was one of the chef’s specialties and I’m glad I went with it. The meat was cooked to a perfect medium rare consistency, and paired with the spicy sausage really had a great kick. The potato gratin that accompanied it had just enough salty, cheesy consistency to match wonderfully, and the beans were bright and crisp, just the way I like them.

Pastiche is certainly not a discount dining joint, with entrees ranging from $12 to $28 and most in the $20 range, but it is so worth the financial splurge. The ambiance is perfect for dining with friends or a date night, and there were families with children dining at the same time as us. Although we didn’t sample dessert, it looked amazing being brought out to other tables. There were people enjoying a drink at the bar the entire time we were there, so I recommend making a reservation as seating is limited. We didn’t venture upstairs, but Carrie informed us that there is a wine shop and small private dining area above the main dining room, which will be on my Bayview bucket list moving forward.

Pastiche gets two thumbs up from me, and I hope to indulge there again soon, as there about six more things on the menu that I’d like to sample! Once again, Bayview delights me with its fine dining opportunities paired with a relaxed and easygoing atmosphere.