This weekend I was lucky enough to spend time with friends and family out at my parents’ farm near Janesville, WI. One of the many things that I love about them is that they welcome friends in as if they’re family, and one of the many things I love about their home is the kitchen – at one point last night we had five cooks working at once! Such a luxury compared to my tiny kitchen!

My friend Katy Corey makes the most amazing guacamole I’ve ever tasted. Mine is never quite like hers, and I learned a few lessons yesterday as I watched her put it together at a leisurely pace accompanied by a cocktail and good conversation.


Katy’s recipe changes each time, but here are her fundamentals:
5 avocados
juice of 1-2 limes
15-20 grape tomatoes, chopped
3/4 of a small red onion, chopped
Cilantro, chopped
Garlic salt


The beauty of Katy’s creation is that she adds things and seasons as she goes. She takes into account for the kind of chips being served and alters her recipe to have the best balance of fresh lime and cilantro to salty chip, and she firmly believes that the theory of making your guacamole ahead and leaving the pit in to keep it green is bullshit – her guacamole is meant to be eaten immediately. And let me tell you, it’s worth it.